Choosing the Right GSA Solutions Provider
There are several 3rd party GSA solutions available to independent business owners: boutique consultants; researchers & writers; law firms with a government specialization; seminars; and countless self-help publications. Some offer more value than others and unfortunately, a few are just out to make a quick buck at the expense of small business owners. This page is designed to help educate you on some of the pitfalls that await unsuspecting small business owners.

What are people saying?
[Our company] is a GSA customer with GSA Greenville and we are very proud to tell you that our investment has already paid GREAT dividends! ... customer service (which [was included] with your GSA Contract) was instrumental in giving us bid assistance as we secured a Government contract worth OVER 4 MILLION DOLLARS. I would highly recommend [the] fantastic GSA procurement team to ANYONE who is serious about seeking deeper penetration into the Federal Market and wants to obtain their very own GSA Contract.

7.5.12 - Signet Electronic Systems, Inc. Schedule 03FAC

7.5.12 - ITSM Specialties, LLC Schedule 70

6.29.12 - QPS Companies, Inc. Schedule 81 I B

6.28.12 - Rhein Medical, Inc. Schedule 65 II A

6.27.12 - D & C Inspection Services, Inc. Schedule 871

6.25.12 - Samaratech, LLC Schedule 70

6.25.12 - Griffin & Assoc. Schedule 736

6.25.12 - Aero Performance Schedule 51 V

6.25.12 - D & D Video Specialists, LLC Schedule 65 II A

6.22.12 - Radiation Safety & Control Services, Inc. Schedule 899

6.20.12 - Protocol Institute, Inc. Schedule 874

6.19.12 - Advanced Modular Structures, Inc. Schedule 56

6.19.12 - Intellum, Inc. Schedule 874

About GSA Greenville Services

At GSA Greenville Services, our sole mission is to help small businesses get awarded government work. Head quartered in Tampa FL, GSA Greenville Services understands the important role that small businesses play in the overall economy and want to lend our expertise to assist with the GSA Greenville process and related marketing so that qualifying companies can participate in government contracting and benefit from government-mandated spending with small businesses.

Our GSA Specialists, GSA Greenville Processors, and Marketing Specialists are here to help your company navigate the sometimes difficult process of contracting to do business with the government. At GSA Greenville Services, our GSA Greenville Processors complete all of the database registrations required prior to completing the entire schedule for your company. The GSA Greenville Processors also make any changes or prepare any modifications to your GSA Schedule Contract application. If your company wants to start doing business with the government, GSA Greenville Services can complete the entire application process for your company, and many opportunities are available to begin advertising to government buyers, especially after receiving a GSA Schedule Award.

The General Services Administration (GSA) oversees the commercial contracts or "Schedules" with the government, ensuring that government purchasing agents are being presented with fair prices for valid goods and services from legitimate companies. The GSA Schedule helps government buyers evaluate potential suppliers, and serves as an expeditious way for products and services to be purchased directly.

The bottom line is that GSA Schedules represent a great way to get into government contracting at a time when government spending is on the rise. Furthermore, GSA Schedules are fast becoming the accepted means of conducting business with government buyers. To be successful with government contracting, you need the right contracts and resources in place to move forward. In many ways, government business is more complex and often more formal than commercial business, and getting on GSA Schedules is often difficult and time consuming.

GSA Greenville Services has the experience and expertise to help get your company awarded and on a GSA Schedule in a relatively short period of time. Competent professionals in this area will process and complete all of the formal requirements, and provide expert marketing advice. We at GSA Greenville Services will get your company's name in front of government purchasing agents on a daily basis. A decision to pursue government business often leads to sustained growth for many years as your company grows into this specialized marketplace. GSA Greenville Services is prepared to assist your company in making this step foreward.

2012 Federal Small Business Set-Aside


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